Cybersecurity tips for end users

Many tend to imagine that Cybersecurity is all about having an antivirus and a firewall. Whilst these are important, they aren’t a silver bullet. Indeed, some argue that an antivirus instils a false sense of security, and we have often heard “it looked dodgy but I thought my antivirus would protect me.” This is a dangerous and incorrect assumption and one frequently exploited.

A little education goes a long way, so we have listed a few tips below to try and prevent that education coming through bitter experience. We have also included a link at the end of this page so you can easily download and print the full document for your office

  • Stop and think before you click on email links or attachments. Are you expecting it? Do you really need it?
  • Be especially alert and smart when surfing the internet. Resist the temptation to click through on adverts or to see what a celebrity has done this week.
  • Avoid freebies on the internet; they often come with a sting in the tail. Free file, video or music sharing sites are also dangerous.
  • Be alert for warnings from your antivirus and don’t cancel a scan just because it is slowing you down. If it is trying to tell you something this should not be ignored.
  • Allow updates for Microsoft, Java, Flash and Reader to install. A system without updates is a vulnerable one.
  • If you do think you have caught a bug, then you don’t want to infect your network or damage your company files. Unplug your PC immediately and call IT support
  • Be aware that an antivirus alone cannot protect you against infection. You have a responsibility too!

Print it and protect IT! – Download without registration – PDF Documennt – 371kb