EasylifeIT™ is a Microsoft Silver Partner, but you might be forgiven for thinking “and what does that mean to me?”

Over a period of decades, Microsoft technologies and solutions have powered businesses across the world. Their success isn’t down to superior marketing and sales, but the fact that they have consistently produced products and solutions that people can use, feel comfortable with and represent value for money.

While practically everyone is familiar with the products, not everyone has the experience to design, deploy, maintain and support them effectively, and consequently it is always advantageous for you to deal with a Microsoft Partner.

3 great reasons to work with a Microsoft Partner

Strategic and trusted

It is critical that you align your IT objectives with your business goals. Microsoft Partners see their role as your strategic partner and trusted advisor. This level of trust is built through long term relationships rather than short term desire for easy profit. As an organisation and Microsoft Partner we would like to help you appreciate the degree to which IT can not only support your business, but also facilitate growth and competitive advantage

A partner who delivers

Companies prefer an IT service provider who delivers. Microsoft Partners are expected to provide value, resilient solutions and a high quality of service …  and not sales waffle.

Professional and Certified Experts

Microsoft Silver Partners are Microsoft recognised in their areas of expertise and for their ability to deliver innvovative and proven solutions based on Microsoft technologies. Their expertise is not just in software, but also consultancy and end user support.