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Fortifying SME Security: A Deep Dive into Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) face an escalating threat from cybercriminals targeting their valuable data. With limited...

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Maximising Business Efficiency: Essential SharePoint Tips for Technical Success

SharePoint, Microsoft’s powerful collaboration and document management platform, is a cornerstone for many businesses s...

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Introducing Patch Sundays: EasyLifeIT’s Proactive Approach to System Security

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, the importance of keeping software and systems up-to-date cannot be overstated....

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Building Our Own Eco-Friendly Cloud Platform

In alignment with our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility, we are thrilled to share that our custom...

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EasyLifeIT unite with DSM – Improving and diversifying their IT solutions portfolio.

In the summer of 2008, a friend and I setup a new IT company. Not the most auspicious timing as Leeman Brothers collapsed jus...

May 2020 is to be an exciting month for those of us who use Microsoft Teams with some new features that will help overcome some irritations and limitations
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Some Much-Needed Enhancements for Teams – Coming Your Way in May 2020

Some much-needed enhancements for Teams – coming your way in May 2020


May 2020 is to be an exciting month for those of us who use Microsoft Teams, with some new features that will help overcome some irritations and limitations that have become more apparent in the past few weeks with us all decamping home to work.

The big one – increase in the number of simultaneous video streams

Teams until now has had a limit of 4 simultaneous video streams. The reasoning behind this has been “focus”, and for those of us who have also been using Zoom in the past few weeks, there is some merit to that! Last week I had 58 in a Zoom meeting and it was a blur and almost impossible to focus on the speaker. It is a relief that Microsoft hasn’t gone in that direction, but we will see shortly up to 9 individuals on our screen with layout adaption based on who is speaking and their bandwidth capabilities.

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EasylifeIT™ Appoints James Allison as Strategic IT Consultant

EasylifeIT™ appoints James Allison as Strategic IT Consultant From today, 3rd April, I have joined EasylifeIT™ in the new rol...

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EasylifeIT™ Partners with IT Governance for Compliance and Risk Management Services

It’s amazing how quickly things evolve. Just 10 years ago, the remit of an SME’s IT partner was covered by a fairly narrow set of requirements. The primary job centred around keeping the IT running and repairing things when it went wrong; IT security was just beginning to emerge as a distinct speciality. In those halcyon days, an antivirus and half-decent firewall was considered enough to tick the “due diligence” box for IT security. How times have changed.

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EasylifeIT™ Recertified Under the Cyber Essentials Scheme

As of August 2018, EasylifeIT™ is recertified under the Cyber Essentials scheme; which will assure you that we as a supplier practice the IT security that we preach.

Cyber Essentials (CE) is a government-backed cyber security certification scheme that sets out a baseline of cyber security suitable for all organisations. The scheme’s five security controls can prevent “around 80% of cyber-attacks”. Developed as part of the UK’s National Cyber Security Programme and in close consultation with industry, it provides businesses with clarity on good cyber-security practice.

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Lindsey Leads the Way for Women in Technology

Lindsey leads the way for women in technology

Friday night saw the inaugural Women Leaders Peterborough Awards; a night recognising the many talented and inspirational women leaders that Peterborough as a city boasts.

At the glamourous ceremony, hosted by the Peterborough Arena, 400 guests enjoyed a great night and celebrated the success of Peterborough’s inspirational Women Leaders, across many sectors with 15 winners.