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EasylifeIT™ Partners with IT Governance for Compliance and Risk Management Services

It’s amazing how quickly things evolve. Just 10 years ago, the remit of an SME’s IT partner was covered by a fairly narrow set of requirements. The primary job centred around keeping the IT running and repairing things when it went wrong; IT security was just beginning to emerge as a distinct speciality. In those halcyon days, an antivirus and half-decent firewall was considered enough to tick the “due diligence” box for IT security. How times have changed.

In 2018 the landscape looks completely different. The threats are far more virulent; cyber crime is big business and the consequences of a data breach can be devastating. Never has the job of an IT partner been so far removed from “fixing computers and selling boxes”. We are now also expected to be experts in IT security, PCI-DSS compliance, GDPR and risk management; wide disciplines where external expertise and independent testing and verification is needed.

To do this expectation justice, EasylifeIT™ has partnered with IT Governance; the leading global provider of services and consultancy to names such as Airbus, Barclays, HSBC and Intel. Complementing our own team of qualified and experienced IT specialists, EasylifeIT is proud to add to our offering, helping our customers to meet whatever new challenges lie ahead.



Lindsey Hall

Managing Director. EasylifeIT
As both an entrepreneur and an IT specialist, Lindsey offers a blend of deep technical expertise and commercial insight, delivered in language business owners can really understand and trust.  She works with clients to provide a full range of services from strategic advice through to project management and infrastructure support.