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EasylifeIT™ Appoints James Allison as Strategic IT Consultant

EasylifeIT™ appoints James Allison as Strategic IT Consultant

From today, 3rd April, I have joined EasylifeIT™ in the new role of Strategic IT Consultant.

Based out of our Norwich office, but working with clients across the UK, my job is to advise customers who do not need a full-time senior IT specialist but could definitely benefit from some structured, strategic guidance periodically.  In practice that could mean helping clients with any or all of the following:

  • choosing between bespoke or off-the-shelf software;
  • developing business continuity plans;
  • undertaking marketplace appraisals and running competitive tenders;
  • practical cyber security advice;
  • data protection auditing and planning;
  • IT policy development and training;
  • and project management.


James Allison

Strategic IT Consultant

EasylifeIT™ – Suite 2, Level 1, London house, 68-72 London street, Norwich, NR2 1JT. 01603 562996

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