A phenomenon becoming known as “cyber security fatigue” is developing

On a daily basis now, I am having conversations with worried managers and directors regarding cyber security. The constant bombardment of news relating to infections such as ransomware; creating havoc, cost and disruption is concerning and certainly amongst those busy with their “day job” of actually running their business, a phenomenon becoming known as “cyber security fatigue” is developing. The more we warn, the more it appears people are disengaging from the issue.

Of course, it is essential to have an antivirus and firewall and indeed most do. Equally important though is to consider your team and how to keep them informed of the risks. While the human element is considered to be the “weak link”, they can also be your best line of defence.

If you find yourself with 5 minutes, I would recommend reading an article written by our own James Allison who makes some suggestions on how you can strengthen your defences with a little education

Cyber fear is not the key – An article by James Allison 


Lindsey Hall

Managing Director. EasylifeIT
As both an entrepreneur and an IT specialist, Lindsey offers a blend of deep technical expertise and commercial insight, delivered in language business owners can really understand and trust.  She works with clients to provide a full range of services from strategic advice through to project management and infrastructure support.