IT and sausages: you want the tasty outcome, but it’s best not to watch it in the making

A management view of IT often follows the analogy about legislation and sausages: you want the tasty outcome, but it’s best not to watch them in the making.  Business leaders know they need to embrace the opportunities, but generally hate the technical detail.

The problem is often a communication gap.  IT professionals are regarded as a mysterious bunch who speak a foreign language and delight in bewildering business people.  Nothing is ever delivered on time or on budget.  “Give me solutions, not problems!” they cry.

 It takes two to have a communication breakdown. 

On the other side of the equation the IT professionals are frustrated by business people who can’t explain what they need, constantly change their minds, but still want it yesterday.

Sound familiar?  If so, there might be something strategic missing from your approach to IT management.  That ‘something’ may in fact be a ‘somebody’ – a person with a foot in both camps.  An individual whose core skills are business management and problem solving.  They are experienced at leading change and removing barriers to progress, but they can also understand and enjoy working with the techies.  If this missing link were a car, they would definitely be a hybrid. 

Business and IT strategy become aligned

Result: everyone starts talking a common language.  Business and IT strategy become aligned, no longer operating in perfect isolation.  Technology leads to commercial benefit, not frustration.

If you like eating sausages in foreign restaurants but need someone independent to translate the menu and talk to the waiter for you, contact us.


James Allison

Strategic IT Consultant. EasylifeIT Norwich
James is an experienced and versatile business professional who has worked across multiple sectors. He provides complementary skills to executive teams, advising across a range of disciplines including IT strategy, business continuity planning and IT project management