Are changes in technology usage here to stay?
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Are Changes in Technology Usage Here to Stay?

Post-COVID Technology Shifts – What’s Here to Stay?


If I hear one more expert talking about the ‘new normal’, I’m going to blow a fuse. For starters, there was no ‘old normal’. In fact, ‘normal’ as a concept doesn’t mean much – every person, every business, every household is unique, so who’s going to decide what constitutes normal?

An acceleration of adoption

What the COVID-19 crisis has done is accelerate people’s thinking and adoption of different ways of doing things that were habitual in the world we once knew. A significant part of this acceleration involves technology; doing things online that weren’t done that way before, or using technology to facilitate real-world activities in a different way.

What is a default diary?
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What is a Default Diary? Manage Your Time by Using Immovable Objects

What is a Default Diary?


How to Manage Your Time by using Immovable Objects

By deciding to divide up the earth’s journey around the sun into 365 days and its rotation around its own axis into 24 hours, humans invented a concept of time that has governed us ever since.

The measurement of time heralded the invention of deadlines, which are considered by some to be a good thing. Without them, procrastinators would rule the world and not much would get done. Deadlines apply pressure, allow for financial time penalties and generally help people to focus on the task at hand.

In many parts of the world, our daily lives are ruled by systems designed around time; bus and train schedules, meeting calendars and school timetables force us to be in a certain place at a certain time.

Why do so many small businesses fail?
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Why Do So Many Small Businesses Fail?

Why do so many small businesses fail?

5 Proven Techniques to Wreck Your Business Completely


Have you ever wondered why so many businesses go bust? Around 12% of companies go out of business every year – that’s about 1 in every 8 going to the wall, with all the subsequent impact on owners and their families. There’s plenty of reasons why. All you need to become the director of a limited company in the UK is an idea, £12 and an internet connection. Notice I didn’t say a ‘good’ idea; some businesses don’t make it because they’re providing a product or service no-one wants. The majority of the others simply run out of cash.

dislocation stress home working
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Dislocation, Dislocation, Dislocation

Dislocation: A look at the impact of the coronavirus outbreak on our daily lives and our businesses

No, this is nothing to do with Phil and Kirstie, just a look at the impact of the coronavirus outbreak on our daily lives and our businesses. In particular, the impact that dislocation can have on our ability to rationalise the present and plan for the future.

Dislocation is defined as disturbance from a proper, original, or usual place or state. Suddenly, our sense of normality is ruptured and, in the midst of a global pandemic, we have the added stress of worrying about family, about ourselves and about our business livelihoods.