What value is a Service Level Agreement?
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What Value is a Service Level Agreement?

What value is a Service Level Agreement?

Indeed, good question! Marketing gurus preach that companies such as ours should offer guarantees to their clients based on Service Level Agreements. However, having reviewed many Service Level Agreements, they are frequently so carefully worded and qualified that the headline “guaranteed response time” becomes valueless; a document that looks cast iron in an effort to win your business but in fact can let you down when you most need it. This is a tactic to which we do not subscribe nor will adopt. Here at EasylifeIT™ we do things differently.

I’m unhappy with my IT support – what should I do?
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I’m Unhappy With My IT support. What Should I Do?

I’m unhappy with my IT support. What should I do?

In this article, I explain what to do if you outsource your IT support to a third party and things aren’t going as well as they should be.


I don’t know what to ask, let alone understand the answers!

I’ve got an admission to make – IT used to be my least favourite thing at work. It all started from the shock of being given responsibility for the IT function in a very large manufacturing plant. My politics degree hadn’t covered servers, firewalls and networks. I had managerial experience but felt very uncomfortable wearing my new hat. I didn’t know what questions to ask; I wouldn’t have understood the answers even if I did.