Can I get some help with Zoom?
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Can I Get Some Help With Zoom?

Since March 2020 and the onset of COVID19, Zoom has become the “go to” video conferencing application. As a recipient of a Zoom meeting it is easy enough to work out and you need no special software installs other than the app to get started. If, however you have been asked to host a meeting then some additional requirements come into play.

  •  An account with Zoom. This can be a free personal account but has some limitations. We would suggest going for the Pro version, but the free version allows you to host, but has a time limit of 40 minutes if 3 or more people are on the call
  • Installation of the app helps enormously with integrations and makes the experience more friendly

    Courtesy of Zoom, we have included some “how to” videos below to assist

How do I signup for Zoom and download the desktop meeting client?

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