Can I get some help with Microsoft Teams?
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Can I Get Some Help with Microsoft Teams?

Since March 2020 and the onset of COVID-19, many have adopted Microsoft Teams. In the past weeks, we have received numerous “how do I?” requests from users. To answer the most common questions posed, we have collected a selection of videos below.

Most of these functions require you to download the Microsoft Teams app .. which is available from both desktop and mobile here

How do I start a chat in Teams?

How can I schedule and create a Teams meeting?

How can I create an instant meeting while using Microsoft Teams?

How can I join a Microsoft Teams meeting?

How do I get someones attention in Teams?

Can I save a post in Teams?

Can I record my Microsoft Teams meeting?

How do I hide chats and delete messages in Teams?

How do I share my screen in a Microsoft Teams meeting?

How do I use background effects?

How do I join a Teams meeting on the go?

How do I raise my hand in a meeting?

How do I plan and schedule a live event or webinar in Teams?