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Centrally manage your team email signatures on Office 365

For those who are brand or legally conscious the appearance and content of your teams email signatures is of some importance. With so much communication these days via email from desktops, laptops and mobile devices, it is almost impossible to keep everyone’s presentation and standardised. Factor in a change of branding or a new promotion and it becomes a complete headache if you have any number of staff. If this is you; then you should perhaps consider CodeTwo’s excellent offering in this area.

We recently has cause to test their “Email Signatures for Office 365” solution at a client’s behest and it took only 3 days for me to decide to adopt it for ourselves. Setup is not challenging, the implementation of signatures can be done globally, per team (via groups likely already defined) or per individual. This allows you to easily define a new signature for all, or perhaps just the sales team for example, quickly and easily from the centre with a few clicks of the mouse. Irrelevant of what device they are using, you get a consistent presentation to your clients and contacts

I was so impressed … we became a reseller, a customer and very happy to recommend this product to our clients using Microsoft office 365. We figure a product from the same stable providing solutions to the likes of Shell, L’Oréal, UPS and McDonalds is good enough for our valued clients and at a price that will pleasantly surprise you. A no risk, 14 day trial is available on request.

EasylifeIT is now a CodeTwo Reseller