What can I do to reduce cyber risk in my business?

“I have an antivirus, so I don’t need to worry about viruses” is a common statement … as is “why did I get infected? I have antivirus!” While we would always strongly advocate the use of a reputable antivirus package, this is only part of the “security mix”. Any defence is only as good as those who guard the walls and a lack of vigilance can undermine your technical measures …. many threats aren’t called “Trojan Horses” for nothing!

Supplementing your firewalls and your endpoint protection should be education of users and good security practice. These cost little other than a little time and can make all the difference. The articles below are provided without registration or cost to that end.

How Do I Increase Staff Cyber Awareness?

How do I increase staff cyber awareness? We often get asked this question because making sure that staff are well informed and aware of online risks can stop major disruptions, data loss and financial losses, which can cripple a company. Why do we need to do it? In the past, it was bigger companies that […]

How Do I Assess How Secure Our IT system Is?

Common sense isn’t difficult or expensive There’s often a big difference between perception and reality. Cyber security is a classic example.  The perception is that it is a form of high tech, complicated warfare.  Acronyms; impenetrable terminology; high profile media stories of boffins fighting to repel the sinister attacks from rogue foreign states.  It’s no […]

How Do I Secure a WordPress Website?

How do I secure a WordPress website? Any website which has an online admin panel can be a target for hackers and a well-kno­wn CMS like WordPress is especially vulnerable. So what can you do to keep the bad guys out and secure a WordPress website?

Why is Two-Factor Authentication Important?

Two-factor authentication (MFA) – little pain, big gain The rise and rise of the cloud The use of cloud computing continues to grow rapidly. Packages such as Microsoft Office 365 and Google G Suite are very widely used across businesses of all sizes for a multitude of purposes, including e-mail, file storage and file sharing. […]

A Windows Update Broke My Computer. Should I Turn Updates Off?

Regular Windows Updates are proven to be in your best interests. NO! Please don’t do that. While it is true that Windows Updates can cause the occasional issue, the vast majority fix a multitude of sins and close security holes that have been identified as a threat to your PC or laptops security. On balance, […]

What is CEO Fraud and What Can We Do to Avoid It?

What is CEO fraud and what can we do to avoid it? CEO fraud reputedly cost companies a whopping $1.1bn in 2018 and has been increasing steadily ever since. Impacting any size of company from micro to enterprise it is essential to understand how the scam works to protect your company and employees from it. […]

Should I be concerned about cyber security and where can I start?

The threat of cyber crime is a very real one. However, there is a big difference between being sufficiently concerned that you take action and being so terrified that you behave irrationally or do nothing at all.

The problem with fear is that it sometimes drives the wrong behaviour. Faced with a predator, our instinct can be flight rather than fight. Cyber crime is not a challenge from which to run away or bury our heads in the sand and hope the aggressor picks on someone else.

8 common cyber crimes that affect you!

We all know what bank robbers and burglars do.  Understanding their common tools and techniques helps us to design appropriate defence mechanisms.  Cyber crime is no different.  Recognising the different tricks of the trade empowers us to implement the cyber equivalent of locking the door or fitting an alarm.

How many of the following 8 common tactics employed by cyber criminals have you heard of?