Email migration to Office 365 restores essential features

Chrysalis Consulting is a coaching and development consultancy based in Peterborough. The company relies on email for a busy and distributed workforce and their existing email system was proving inadequate to the task.

Coming from a large London consultancy; their MD Kelly Fryer was also accustomed to the more advanced features such as Out of Office messaging and collaboration that you find in an enterprise environment. Features their existing system lacked.


  • Allow users to share and view their and colleagues mailboxes
  • Out of Office functionality and auto forward
  • True synchronisation over many devices; PC’s, iPhones, iPads, MacBook
  • Effect migration with minimum disruption of operations


  • Exchange Hosted Email via Microsoft Office 365
  • Managed migration to new system


  • Switch delivery of email to new system
  • Connect existing devices to new service
  • Import all emails, contacts and calendars to new


  • Zero disruption to operations during migration with   email functionality available at all times
  • True synchronisation of email, contact and calendars   over all devices
  • Ability to use Out of Office
  • All previous emails available in new system and   available
  • Mailbox, calendar and contact sharing easily   facilitated