An impressive training resource for software .. and lots more besides

When computers first started to encroach into business, it was usual for training to accompany a new system. This enabled the company to get the best out of the system and employees to be most productive. These days however, upgrades are done, new systems introduced and new employees are often “plonked” in front of the computer and expected to work it out. This has become so endemic that many training companies have fallen by the wayside … and it shows.

During my daily rounds I often see people from receptionists to MD’s fraught with software, newer versions of common applications like Office and new operating systems; it is a frequent occurrence for someone to confide in me that they are struggling. As technicians we can often address specific queries, but where do you go to these days to get something a little more comprehensive and structured?

I personally had cause to get my head around some specific features of Microsoft Project; so I headed off to YouTube …. where else? I discovered a very informative video tutorial published by a US company called which coupled with a recommendation from one of my weekly podcasts; then led me to trial their full services. I have to say I was impressed.

After the trial they offer personal, academic and business accounts starting from £12.95 per month (if paid annually) or £14.95 on a month by month basis. Definately worth a look I think.

Get 10 days of free unlimited access to